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Carmel Caterpillars Preschool


Carmel Caterpillars Pre-school

Admissions Policy

Policy Statement

Carmel Caterpillars Pre-school makes our setting accessible to all children and families from all sections of the local community.



  • We have 3 main intakes a year in September, January and April.
  • New children are integrated gradually, over a couple of weeks, to allow us to support them fully as they settle in.
  • Children are admitted to the Pre-school at 2 years of age, depending on that part of the Term they are due to start.
  • Our waiting list is arranged on a first come, first served basis.
  • If your child is still in nappies we do ask that you provide spare nappies, wet wipes and nappy sacks. Any soiled nappies will need to disposed of by yourselves off of the premises.
  • Each new parent is given the opportunity for their child to have a home visit and are invited to come in to Pre-school for a few play visits prior to their first session, with a parent or carer.
  • An application form is required to be completed to secure your child's place at Pre-school.
  • All admissions paperwork relating to your child is kept on the premises, under the responsibility of the Administrator and stored confidentially in a locked cupboard at the end of the session.
  • All admissions paperwork needs to be read, completed, signed and returned prior to your child starting at Pre-school. 

The original of this document was signed on behalf of Carmel Caterpillars Pre-school Committee by the current Chairperson