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Carmel Caterpillars Preschool


Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School

Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of the Pre-School that at all times the Pre-School will carry out procedures to ensure the safety and welfare of the children at all times. Staff and all other persons, including trainees, will be fully aware of the health and safety policies. 

  1. Prevention of injury to all persons affected by the day to day running of the Pre-School, prevention of damage to the property by keeping the premises and equipment safe. 
  2. To record accidents and incidents as and when they happen, in the appropriate books. Any incident or accident that occurs at home, or outside of Pre-School, will be recorded in the Incidents/Accidents at Home book, and parents/carers will be required to sign the book. 
  3. Any accident at Pre-School that results in a child being taken to hospital must be reported to the LADO ( Local Authority Designated Officer). 
  4. The staff are to report any equipment that may be hazardous to the Health and safety Officer LOUISE LEPPENWELL. (Manager), who will take the necessary steps to remove the hazard. All staff are required to be vigilant at all times, to ensure all equipment is suitable for purpose.
  5. Risk assessments are carried out daily ( see Risk assessment Policy). 


To ensure the safety of both children and adults, the Pre-School will make sure:

  1. All children are supervised to the ratio required;                                                                                                                                                           1:4 ( 2-3 year old), 1:8 ( 3 year plus), we work on a ratio 1:6, any outings outside of Pre-School ratio is 1:2
  2. Safety checks will be carried out both indoors and outdoors regularly
  3. The main entrance will be locked at all times during a session.
  4. All adults, children and visitors are registered as soon as they arrive. This ensures numbers are correct in the event of an emergency. 
  5. Fire doors are never obstructed. All fire extinguishers are checked regularly and all staff know how to use them. 
  6. Fire drills are carried out regularly and recorded in the appropriate book. 
  7. There will always be a minimum of ONE trained first aid member of staff present at all times. 
  8. Children have occasional, supervised access to the kitchen.
  9. The first aid box is correctly equipped, kept clean and replenished as necessary. 
  10. We have a No Smoking Policy
  11. Large equipment is erected with care and checked regularly. 
  12. All dangerous materials are stored out of reach of the children.
  13. All electrical equipment is checked and tested annually by an authorised person. 
  14. Risk assessment forms are filled out when a hazard or issue is detected. 

The following good practices will be observed:

  1. Hand washing after using the toilet, changing nappies, dealing with first aid incidents, and before preparing food. 
  2. Tissues are available and accessible for children to blow and wipe their noses where required. 
  3. Children are encouraged to shield their mouths when coughing. 
  4. Towels and hand driers are provided for use after hand washing. 
  5. Hygiene rules relating to bodily fluids are followed with particular care and all staff are aware of how infections, including HIV can be transmitted.
  6. When a child has a soiled nappy, the staff will change them and place the nappy in a nappy sack, in to a plastic bag and put in to the child's bag, for the parent to take home for disposal. There are no facilities for disposal of nappies at the setting. 
  7. Any spills of blood, vomit or excrement are wiped up and flushed away. 
  8. Rubber gloves and disposal aprons to be used when cleaning up bodily fluids. 
  9. All surfaces are cleaned with the appropriate cleaner.  

The original of this document was signed on behalf of Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School Committee by the current Chairperson