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Carmel Caterpillars Preschool


Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School

Student Placement Policy


We recognise that qualifications and training make an important contribution to the quality of the care and education provided by Early years Settings. As part of our commitment we welcome students who are undertaking Early Years qualifications and training, as well as school pupils on work placements. 

We aim to enhance the student's learning through positive experiences and promoting examples of quality practice, thus enabling them to fulfil their course requirements. 

Students are welcome in to the Pre-School on the following conditions:

  • A short induction will be carried out prior to the student starting their placement. This will include Policies and procedures, Health and Safety, their responsibilities and how the Pre-School is managed on a daily basis. 
  • The needs of the children are paramount. 
  • We restrict the number of students to no more than 2, at any one time, as it may hinder the essential running of the Pre-School. 
  • Students must have confirmation from their tutor of the course they are undertaking. 
  • Students will respect our Confidentiality Policy. Written permission must be obtained from the parents, on any child a student wishes to study/observe. 

All students will NOT have any unsupervised access to any child within our setting. Students on longer placements will need to apply to have a DBS check carried out, although once completed they will still NOT have unsupervised access to any child within our setting. All students will be monitored at all times by members of staff and a suitability form will be completed and signed prior to their placement commencing. 


The original of this document was signed on behalf of Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School committee by the current chairperson.