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Carmel Caterpillars Preschool


Our Staff


At present we employ 9 members of staff as follows:  

Louise Leppenwell - Early Years Education Manager – NVQ 3 - Child safety officer/Health & Safety officer/staff monitoring moderator/First Aid Trained

Jo RedsellEarly Years Education Deputy Manager & Administrator – Level 2 CYP/Level 3 CYP/First Aid Trained                  

Kristina TaylorEarly Years Educator – Level 3 CYP/Risk Assessment/ Stock control officer/First Aid Trained

Natalie Barden- Early Years Educator – Level 3 CYP/Fire Safety Officer/Assistant SENCo/First Aid Trained

Helen Bailey - Early Years Educator- Level 3 CYP/First Aid Trained 

Vicky Trinkwon – Early Years Educator – Level 3 CYP/SENCo/Equal Opportunities officer/First Aid Trained

Julie Pratt - Early Years Educator - Level 3 CYP/First Aid Officer incorporating administration of Medicine

Amber Adgie – Early Years Educator – Level 3 CYP

Ruth Clifford - Early Years Educator - Level 3 CYP/Two Year Advocate/Birthday Coordinator/First Aid Trained


Subject to change                                                                                                                         

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