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Carmel Caterpillars Preschool



Carmel Caterpillars Social Networking Acceptable Use Policy

1.     As part of the Pre-school’s drive to encourage safe and appropriate behaviour in the use of today’s technology, I will support the school’s approach to online safety. I am aware that the World Wide Web and Facebook is a public and global communication tool and that any content posted may reflect on the school, its reputation and services.

2.     I will not use the site of Carmel Caterpillars Facebook group or Website to express any personal opinions or create, transmit, display, publish or forward any material that is likely to harass, cause offence, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any other person, or anything which could bring the Pre-school in to disrepute.

3.     I will not disclose information, make commitments or engage in activities on behalf of the Pre-school without authorisation from the Pre-school Designated Safeguarding Leader (Louise Leppenwell). The Manager and Administrator of the Website and Facebook site retains the right to remove or approve content posted on behalf of the Pre-school.

4.     I will ensure that any content posted abides by copyright and intellectual property rights, child protection legislation, privacy and Data Protection Law and other relevant civil and criminal legislation.

5.     I will follow the Pre-school’s policy regarding confidentiality and data protection/use of images.

·         This means I will ensure that the Pre-school has written permission from parents/carers before using images or videos which include any members of the Pre-school community.

·         Any images of pupils will be taken on Pre-school equipment, by the Pre-school and in accordance with the Pre-school Image Policy. Images which include pupils will only be uploaded by the Pre-school via Pre-school owned devices. Images taken for the sole purpose of inclusion on the devices will not be forwarded to any other person or organisation.

6.     I will promote online safety in the use of posters, letters and policies and will help to develop a responsible attitude to safety online and to the content that is accessed or created. I will ensure that the communication has been appropriately risk assessed and approved by the Designated Safeguarding Leader prior to use.

7.     I will set up a specific account/profile using a Pre-school provided email address to administrate the Website and Facebook Group and I will use a strong password to secure the account. Personal social networking accounts or email addresses are not to be used. The Pre-school Designated Safeguarding Leader will have full administration rights to the Website and Facebook Group.

8.     Where it believes unauthorised and/or inappropriate use of the Website or Facebook Group, or unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour may be taking place, the Pre-school will exercise the right to ask for the content to be deleted or deactivated.

9.     I will ensure that the content and channel is suitable for the audience and will be sensitive in the tone of language used and will ensure content is written in accessible, plain English

10.   I will report any accidental access or receipt of inappropriate materials or inappropriate comments to the Designated Safeguarding Leader urgently.

11.   I will ensure that the Website and Facebook Group is moderated on a regular basis as agreed with the Pre-school Designated Safeguarding Leader.

12.   I have read and understood the Pre-school Online Safety Policy which covers the requirements for safe IT use, including using appropriate devices and the use of social media. I have ensured that the Website and Facebook Group has been suitably risk assessed and this use has been agreed by the Manager.

13.   If I have any queries or questions regarding safe and acceptable practise online, I will raise them with the Designated Safeguarding Leader (Louise Leppenwell).


The original of this document was signed on behalf of Carmel Caterpillars Pre-school Committee by the current Chairperson