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Carmel Caterpillars Preschool


Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School

Risk Assessment Policy


Policy Statement

Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School believes that the health and safety of children is of paramount importance. We make our setting a safe and healthy place for children, parents, staff and volunteers by assessing and minimising the hazards and risks to enable the children to thrive in a healthy and safe environment on a daily basis. 



  • Our risk assessment process covers adults and children and includes:
  1. checking for and noting hazards and risks both indoors and outside, of the Pre-School , on a daily basis. This includes equipment and resources that are out each day.
  2. assessing the level of risk and who might be affected
  3. deciding which areas need attention and developing an action plan that specifies the action required, the time scales for action, the person responsible for the action, and any funding required.
  • Where more than five staff and volunteers are employed, the risk assessment is written, and is reviewed regularly.
  • We maintain lists of health and safety issues, which are checked daily before the session begins, as well as those that are checked on a weekly and termly basis, when a full risk assessment is carried out. 
  • An assessment is carried out on all electrical equipment and fire extinguishers annually. 


The original of this document was signed on behalf of Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School Committee by the current Chairperson.