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Carmel Caterpillars Preschool


Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School

Selecting Equipment/Resources Policy


Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School ensures all equipment and resources provided, are appropriate for children's purpose and will help to create a stimulating and attractive environment. 

All equipment conforms to safety standards and reflects the cultural diversities of our environment. All equipment and resources are age appropriate and enhance the children's learning, regardless of their stage of development. 

All furniture, toys and equipment conforms to BS EN safety standards or the Toys Safety regulations 1995, where appropriate. 

We ensure there are sufficient numbers of tables and chairs for all children to play and are at an appropriate height. 

Carpets are also used for activities and resources, as children enjoy playing on the floor. 

We ensure resources, posters and equipment provides positive role models and include both gender, with or without disabilities and different types of families, thus promoting a non-stereotypical environment. 

Equipment and resources provided will enable children with adult support to develop individual potential and move towards required learning goals. 


The original of this document was signed on behalf of Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School Committee by the current Chairperson.