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Carmel Caterpillars Preschool


Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School

Outings and Visits Policy and Procedures


Policy Statement

The Pre-School believes that all children benefit from outings beyond the Pre-School setting, in to the local community, trips to the park, and other suitable venues. Staff at Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School ensure that procedures are in place to safeguard your child. The children will have several outings in the year, some being on foot, others by larger transport. The Pre-School will first send out permission forms to parents requesting their permission to take the children off the premises. 




Parent volunteers are always used for extra supervision. 

Parents sign a general consent form, in the registrations forms, for their child to be taken to the local park, or in to the local community, as part of the daily activities of the Pre-School. When organising a large group outing using public transport, extra considerations are in force. 

  • The coach must have seat belts
  • The driver must be a non smoker
  • All parents are asked to accompany their children. Where this is not possible another family member or friend can accompany the child. All children remain the responsibility of the accompanying adult at all times. 
  • There must always be at least one qualified first aider on every outing.
  • The Supervisor must have all the children's contact numbers with them. 
  • First aid equipment is checked and taken on all outings. This includes any medication, spare clothing and plastic bags. 
  • An allocated member of staff will carry the register, and count all persons on and off the coach as required. This procedure will be repeated at the end of the outing to double check all persons are accounted for. 
  • Possible risk assessment is carried out at the venue beforehand. 
  • Considerations are taken in to account for those children with disabilities or cultural requirements. 
  • At no time will contracted drivers or escorts have unsupervised access to the children. 
  • A phone call will be made to the parent prior to the outing, if it has been requested. 


The original of this document was signed on behalf of Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School committee by the current chairperson.