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Carmel Caterpillars Preschool


The role of the Key person Policy


The Key person has special responsibility for a group of children within the Pre-school. Parents and children know the name of their Key person and liaise with them at every opportunity. When a new child joins the Pre-school they are told who their Key person will be.


The Aim

A Key person will ensure that the developmental needs of the child are recognised within the Pre-school curriculum and within the overall framework of the group by using appropriate EYFS guidance. They will liaise with the child's parents in order that the needs of their child are met.



  • Assist the child to settle in to Pre-school
  • Talk to parents on a regular basis and keep them updated on their child's progress and development.
  • Provide emotional support where necessary and assist with toileting.
  • Plan for the individual child using play plans, educational plans, next steps etc., ensuring that account is taken of race, culture, religion, language and family values by 1) Observing, keeping records and monitoring the child's progress.
  •                                                        2) Liaising with parents, encouraging them to contribute to their child's records.
  • Develop a day to day rapport with parents, informing them of their child's achievements.
  • Contribute information about individual children's needs to the planning of the Pre-school curriculum framework, whilst respecting confidentiality.
  • To liaise, in conjunction with parents, with statutory/professional personnel as necessary.

The Key person role is set out in the Welfare Requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The original of this document was signed in behalf of Carmel Caterpillars Pre-school Committee by the current Chairperson